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Logan Campbell

Licensee Salesperson - Team Campbell

I’ve been working hard to get sales and negotiating deals since I was a kid working in my parents’ shop. They owned an estate clearing business and the largest second-hand shop (at the time) in Auckland. I was running the shop on my own from the age of 15 and it taught me lessons about reading body language and understanding people from a range of backgrounds and cultures that I still draw on today. Property has always been a passion for me, Mel and I have purchased, renovated, rented, developed and sold residential and commercial property ourselves before becoming salespeople, so we understand property inside out and what makes a good agent and what is going to equal a successful sale. We understand selling and buying property can be a stressful time as we have personally been through it too. Helping people through the process and getting the best result possible is what we are passionate about.

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